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Serving You For 30 Years

Working downtown handling Auto Accidents, Truck Accidents, Malpractice, Products Liability and other Injury cases and accidents of all types, Bradley Spear began his career litigating cases with one of Los Angeles' preeminent Plaintiff's personal injury law firms in January of 1988.  After working 10 years there and with other firms as an associate, he created the Spear Law Firm in 1998.  While handling primarily Personal Injury Law, the Firm has a history of defending select criminal cases to the present.  We are attorneys in Los Angeles, an aggressive litigation and trial firm, having taken hundreds of cases to court and completing over 30 trials.  What you can expect as a client of the Firm is that if an insurance company will not settle your case then they will be forced to pay through the courts.  

How We Got Here

After graduating U.C. Santa Barbara  with a degree in Economics and Social Sciences, Brad had planned to practice corporate law, but all that changed when he was offered the job at the above-mentioned powerhouse Plaintiff's firm.  Though he eventually realized that working for a big law firm was not for him, he also learned how rewarding it is to represent individuals in need of help against big insurance companies and corporations.  He soon understood this was his opportunity to give back to the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley community he had grown up in.  Los Angeles is a busy city with many traffic accidents, and the Spear Law Firm in Chatsworth has handled hundreds of car accidents as well as all other types of negligence accidents.  Over the years mistakes have been made and hard lessons learned, and along the way the Spear Law Firm has adapted and changed to more professionally represent you in your personal injury law matter. 

The Firm's Mission

It may sound corny, but handling the type of personal injury cases the Spear Law Firm takes serves as its own reward.  The Firm represents injured people in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley who deserve its help against large insurance companies that often act without conscience and don't play by the rules.  As attorneys in the San Fernando Valley we enjoy this work and getting to know our clients well and their story.  We also get go home each night knowing we're doing the right thing - and get paid for it!  Knowing all this, it is without reservation that we attack each personal injury case with energy and enthusiasm.  Working together with our injured clients, we look forward each day to finding justice for those who have been wronged.

What Will Be Expected of You

With few exceptions, the Spear Law Firm in Los Angeles takes Plaintiff's personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that the firm does not receive any fees or payment up front.  In return for making the commitment of our time and taking the risk of no compensation, we require that our clients be honest - with everybody - including when dealing with all of our staff, at deposition and, most importantly, at trial in front of the Judge and jury. Your full cooperation is also required at every stage of the case.  The Spear Law Firm may ultimately expend hundreds of hours on your case, so you should be prepared to commit several hours of your time over the life of the case.  Being a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles is complicated, and we use every advantage available to get our personal injury clients maximum compensation.

What You Can Expect

Each Personal Injury case taken by the Spear Law Firm in the San Fernando Valley is assessed up front and continually reassessed with each new development.  As the case strengthens its value increases.  This is where your cooperation becomes vital.  We do not expect you to live your life for your personal injury case - in fact we discourage that.  But you should make the commitment to yourself, and the Spear Law Firm, to consider the impact your actions and behavior may have on the value of your injury case from day-to-day. After all, your injuries and losses should be fully compensated.  Also, remember that the Firm is paid on a contingency basis, meaning that we receive a fixed percentage of the overall recovery.  Hopefully knowing this will help you to understand that our motivation about the case is very consistent with yours, which is to obtain the maximum amount reasonably settlement possible. We do not, however, make guarantees under any circumstance.

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